Facing the Modern at the National Gallery

The Facing the Modern exhibition is on at the National Gallery in London and is the product of Gemma Blackshaw’s mastermind. It is a fabulous exhibition made up of six rooms. As well as paintings, there are artefacts including Beethoven’s death mask! The New Viennese used portraiture to show their status and give them a sense of belonging. The exhibition takes the viewer through the story of the middle class and their rise and fall in regard to political power. It displays their hopes for the future and also their claims to the past. From Klimt to Schiele, there are some genius works to be seen. It is on until the 12th January 2014 and is well worth a visit.


A shrink-wrapped house by Iain Baxter

When the home of 3 East End Levy sisters and a cutting-edge artist with a thing for plastic merge together, created is an eerie work of art and a fascinating domestic time capsule.

This is a piece by the Canadian artist Iain Baxter in which every piece of furniture, fixture and fitting is covered in polyethylene capsules. Its a kitsch domestic space that has become art. It is named ‘Rebecca’s Bagged Place’ – modern art at its best.

Its at Raven Row gallery in London and runs until 15th December.