Ralph Steadman

Ralph Steadman is an aritst and illustrator who’s drawings are bilious, snarling and scary. He is America’s counter-culture Godfather of gonzo-journalism (a style including the reporter as part of the story via fist person narrative.)

He’s part of ‘The Cartoonist’ club in London and his work is wildly exuberant, often a grotesque distortion of peoples features.

Look out for his new book ‘Proud Too be Weirrd,’ although it will set you back a cool £250.  You’ll find a collection of his drawings and reflections from smoking to the role of chances in life.


Axel Vervoordt – Interior Designer

Stumbled across the Belgian interior designer Axel Vervoordt. He has an amazing eye for creating the most beautiful art spaces. His spacial awareness is divine. One of his key elements are his unusual artefacts which make his spaces unique.

Why not look him up on Google or when you’re next at Waterstone’s. One of his books ‘Living with Light’ showcases recent projects where he mixes minimalism with beauty.