Grotesque beauty?

A few weeks ago, whilst visiting the Saatchi Gallery at Sloane Square, I came across a very interesting piece that instantly caught my attention. It was a 3D piece by Jodie Carey named ‘The Daily Mail – Arrangement Three.’ It is an arrangement of flowers which are made from newspaper.

The great skill and craftsmanship was what initially attracted my attention as it is a vast display and the ‘flowers’ are densely packed. However, on reading its placard, I discovered that the leaves and flowers were stained with tea, coffee and blood. I was even more alarmed when I found that it was the artists own blood that had been used. This made the piece shockingly compelling and I could not help but admire its grotesque beauty.

When artists say they ‘put all of themselves’ into their piece, Jodie Carey can say this more literally. I find this interesting because she has thrown away conventionalities and has created a piece that is outrageous and yet simple. Personally I would not buy this piece, but it is very thought provoking.

The Saatchi Gallery has wonderful displays and every piece has been chosen carefully to make the exhibitions interesting and eye-catching. It is well worth a visit.


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